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About Us

Created in 2005, Locksmith Seattle is recognized in the locksmithing business as a leader in installing, repairing and replacing locks and other security devices. Helping to reduce the worries of their neighbors and increase their security is the company’s long-term objective. The chamber of commerce of Seattle recognized Locksmith Seattle among the most successful small business in 2010.Our company also offers training for personnel and suppliers to develop a unified spirit and make sure that everyone keeps up with the always-changing standards of the security realm.

Our Founders

After getting into the security business by opening Boucher Locks in 1998, James L. Boucher made his decision to open a storefront to improve his customer service in 2005. He renamed his company Locksmith Seattle and proudly offered professional locksmithing services at the heart of Seattle, Washington, and nearby suburbs. Today, Locksmith Seattle has three agencies and covers the majority of the city’s neighborhoods. Future plans include expanding all over the state and increasing the variety of products and services.

Our mission

Crimes against property made Seattle a dangerous place for business owners if the preventive measures are ignored. With 69 incidents per one thousand people, Seattle is among the cities with highest crime rates in the U.S. Locksmith Seattle steps in to help reverse this situation by offering security services that discourage any burglary attempt.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a leading business in the security field by providing up-to-date services for business, home and vehicle owners throughout the State of Washington.Feel free to dig some more about our services in the other pages of this website. Call us right away if you have doubts or concerns; Locksmith Seattle is here for you!